Most of you must know Fred, he's 92 and been a member for 50 years. The club is honoring him with a dinner this year. Fred has slowed down a bit and if you've played with him or behind him recently, you know what I mean.

I'm worried that some of you may think it's time for Fred to hang up his sticks, to call it a day, and with this dinner, usher him right off the course.

While I know he wants to keep playing, I also know he will call it quits when he is ready. I just don't want anyone to put pressure on him or to talk behind his back.

For those that need convincing I decided to come up with a list of Fred's good things and bad things. The bad things first.

  1. Shuffles his feet on the greens. (thinks he's on a dance floor)
  2. Constantly cuts the cheese. (real paint peelers)
  3. Slower than a snail dipped in molasses.
  4. Can't drive a cart. (probably a good thing)

  1. No ball marks. (barely gets it airborne) 
  2. Has a ton of great stories.
  3. Doesn't lose many balls.
  4. Very polite.
  5. Can still putt.
  6. Will let you through. (just give him time to get out of the way)
  7. He is 92 and doesn't really care what you think.
Tally it up and you have a 7-4 score, probably better than most of you. The point is, Fred still deserves to be out there on the course and he still deserves your respect, even if he is older than dirt.

Chester Chopworthy

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