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Our little history.

We started as a quaint little mission nestled in a nifty nook just north of Nearby. The Conundrum Mission was run by a fun loving group of nuns. The nuns believed in pursuing every sport and activity, preferring action over meditation. They were of the Order of Conundrum -  In the face of chaos and confusion, harmony and enlightenment are just around the corner. Or, as we like to say, somewhere on the back nine.

Their favorite sport was golf and at some point at a time before today they built a course. They used little known architect Nibby Wobbleworth. Conundrum was the only course he ever designed, which makes it truly one of a kind.

The nuns believed in the kind, gentle, sensitive side of the game. When it was determined that the Mission would be closed, the nuns stipulated that Conundrum become a private country club to further promote peace and tranquility, and that people of all abilities be allowed to join. On occasion you may still see a nun return to visit, making sure we are all still keeping the faith.
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